Racing Instructions & Scoring  ::  SLALOM

1. Any changes to be made in the sailing instructions will be made at the skippers’ meeting before the races begin. Skippers’ meetings are generally held at 10:00am or as announced.

2. All competitors must have a sail number to race.

3. Course and marks will be reviewed at the skippers’ meeting.

4. We will be using a 3 minute starting sequence.

When the race committee is in place the postponement flag will be raised. There will be multiple horn blasts when the postponement flag is lowered. 1 minute after it is lowered the first 3-minute sequence of the day shall begin.

3 min: RED FLAG up with one sound signal.
2 min: RED FLAG down with no sound signal
1 min: YELLOW FLAG up with one sound signal
30 seconds :  YELLOW FLAG down with no sound signal
START: GREEN FLAG up with one sound signal

Click to view the Flags.

Times will be taken from the flags and a failure or mistiming of a sound signal must be ignored.

5. Over early: 1; Individual recall will be displayed by an ‘X’ FLAG (a white square-shaped flag with a blue cross on it), 2; General recall will cause the committee to display the ‘FIRST SUBSTITUTE’ FLAG  (a blue and yellow pennant flag) and multiple sound signals. One minute after the ‘FIRST SUBSTITUTE’ FLAG is lowered, a new 3 minute starting sequence may begin.

6. The committee may postpone, abandon, or cancel a race before the starting signal for any reason. The committee may abandon or cancel a race after the start for any reason affecting the fairness of the competition. The ‘ANSWERING PENNANT’ FLAG will be displayed when the start of a race is POSTPONED. The ‘N’ FLAG (black and white squares) will be displayed if a race is ABANDONED. 1 min. after the ‘ANSWERING PENNANT’ or ‘N’ FLAG is lowered, a 3 minute starting sequence may begin.

7. Each racer will sail the course so as to round or pass each mark on the required side in the correct sequence.

8. The courses will be discussed at the skippers’ meeting. The course that is sailed the first race shall be used for all races unless the race committee displays the ‘L’ flag (yellow and black squares). This flag means ‘report to the beach’ and the new course will be indicated on the official notice board. Information at the committee boat is not reliable.

9. All events shall be scored by class using low point scoring alternative: .7 points 1st, 2 points 2nd, 3 points 3rd, etc. Fleets and classes will be determined after the close of registration at each event. DNS, DNF, DSQ, OCS scores # RACERS IN FLEET + 1.

10. Each race will be scored separately. One race will be thrown out per 4 races completed. Two races will be thrown out per 7 races completed. If a tie exists, the higher place finisher will be determined according to RRS2013-16 Appendix A , A.81.

11. All racers will sail together and be scored together by fleet, and will be separated for awards at the end of the series: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Men, Masters, Gr. Masters, Women, Juniors, etc.

12. All protests should be reported to the scoring tent within 30 minutes of the finish of the last race.  Racers must notify the racer being protested at the first opportunity after the incident.